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Micro Hydro Power (MHP) Plant

Now one does not need to go far from the valley to see a Microhydro Power plant. A 3 kW capacity MHP is constructed within the premises of Zero Energy House (ZEH). The cross flow turbine is run using rain water collected at the solar pond. While the water is pumped up to the forebay tank, it is worth to see the water discharge at the turbine through a transparent glass turbine casing. Also the power house is well equipped to simulate the load distribution. It is worth to mention here that the whole plant is designed, manufactured, erected and commissioned by Balaju Yantra Shala along with CES faculty members.

Wireless Networks

Inside the building computer labs with wireless network has been established so that lower power consumption can be ascertained. The computers are connected via WLAN to the V-SAT network of the college.

Weather Station

At the roof, continuous monitoring of the weather is being recorded via wireless weather station. The station maintains database and transmits weather information periodically.

Solar Hot Water System

Hot water in the building is provided by the highly efficient Solar Hot Water Collector made of Vacuum tube. There is also a copper fin collector solar water heating system. The speciality of the system is the provision of the research to be carried out by the students.


Solar Kitchen

The campus canteen has adopted an innovative idea of using solar energy for its cooking energy need. Two solar panels with small glass mirrors installed, focus the sun radiation to the kitchen window. Where it heats up the cooking vessel. About 200 students of the hostel is currently being served by the canteen which is using the solar panel for water boiling.

Biogas Plant

The canteen kitchen is also using biogas energy for its cooking purpose. A 6m3 plant is being fed with the kitchen waste and is providing biogas for 1.5 hour a day to the canteen kitchen. A biogas plant based on night soil is under construction.