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Zero Energy House

As the name implies, the energy generation in the building is equal to the energy consumption throughout the year. It is constructed in 30 ropanies land of Institute of Engineering at Pulchowk. It was funded by HMG/Nepal. The building has 3 and half floors which includes CES administration offices, classrooms, research cubicles, labs/ workshop and 4 comfortable guest rooms totaling 20,000 square feet.


Building Integrated Photovoltaic (PV) Electrification System (BIPVES)

Main source of energy in the CES building is the 6.5 kW capacity of Solar PV system. 100 no. of Solar PV modules each of 65 Watt are kept as a roof on the main entrance of the building. The slope of the panel is 30? North-South. With the sunshine hours of 4.15 hour peak sun day, it generates electricity of 27 kWh in a day.

The electricity generated is stored in battery banks kept at the basement of the building. 120 batteries of heavy duty nature, each of 2 Volt capacity 468 AH, are connected in series which produce 240 Volts. Such two battery banks are connected in parallel and each produces 240 Volt DC. An automatic software controlled inverter continuously monitors the whole process of the electricity generation from solar panel, storing in batteries and the connection to the grid as well. The inverter also supplies the excess power generated to the campus grid.

Building Energy Management and HVAC System

ZEH is managed with state of the art Building Energy Management System. It is well equipped with a sophisticated software controlled sensors. The system continuously monitors the occupancy of each places and it is programmed for managing the lights in those places sensing the motion of the occupant. The system also detects the Carbon monoxide level and humidity level in the designated areas, and maintains the database of the same.


Earth-Air-Tunnel (EAT)

The concept of the Earth air Tunneling for air conditioning spaces in winter as well as in summer has been materialized in the building. The conference room and a class room of the building are air conditioned with EAT. It takes in ambient air from a 70 m long tunnel made of hume pipe 4 m (0.5 m dia) deep down from the Earth surface.






Micro Hydro Power (MHP) Plant

Now one does not need to go far from the valley to see a Microhydro Power plant. A 3 kW capacity MHP is constructed within the premises of Zero Energy House (ZEH). The cross flow turbine is run using rain water collected at the solar pond. While the water is pumped up to the forebay tank, it is worth to see the water discharge at the turbine through a transparent glass turbine casing. Also the power house is well equipped to simulate the load distribution. It is worth to mention here that the whole plant is designed, manufactured, erected and commissioned by Balaju Yantra Shala along with CES faculty members.

Wireless Networks

Inside the building computer labs with wireless network has been established so that lower power consumption can be ascertained. The computers are connected via WLAN to the V-SAT network of the college.

Weather Station

At the roof, continuous monitoring of the weather is being recorded via wireless weather station. The station maintains database and transmits weather information periodically.

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