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Zero Energy House

As the name implies, the energy generation in the building is equal to the energy consumption throughout the year. It is constructed in 30 ropanies land of Institute of Engineering at Pulchowk. It was funded by HMG/Nepal. The building has 3 and half floors which includes CES administration offices, classrooms, research cubicles, labs/ workshop and 4 comfortable guest rooms totaling 20,000 square feet.

Solar Passive Technology

The building is designed and constructed with the view of utilizing solar passive technology. The South-East facing building uses insulation (thermocole) in between the layers of brickwalls. The rooms are designed for solar passive heating provision.

Guest House

There are four hotel type very comfortable guest rooms along with living room and dining room/kitchen. Kitchen is to use biogas based on night soil.


Future Plans

A number of future endeavours are in pipeline. Green house where research on farming of cash crops in controlled temperatures are planned. Fabrication of Solar Boats to be run by solar energy is planned in near future. These solar boats will be run for demonstration purpose in already built solar pond. Rain water collector in which research on rain water collection, filtration, and the possible use within the building for various purposes are planned. The building is planned to use maximum use of environment friendly energy resources and materials locally available.

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