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Training of Central Visualization Lab at Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University

ALTraining1a   ALTraining2a

The Project ALIEN aims to introduce active learning as a strategic pedagogical approach in engineering higher education. This work introduces a vertical approach for promoting the uptake of active learning in engineering education. The approach addresses challenges that currently inhibit the adoption of active learning, which include; lack of physical infrastructures in the form of labs, unavailability of open digital educational resources for active learning in engineering, and need for keeping instructor skills up to date in relation to emerging technology-supported pedagogies. Recently, on 2nd March 2021, in Centre for Energy Studies, Institute of Engineering; a two sessions training have been organized in two different subjects:

  1. Central Visualization System Support, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  2. Central Visualization System Lab for Active Learning Operation

Participants are basically from different departments of the university who involved actively in teaching learning process through problem based learning methodology.





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