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ALIEN Project Centralized Visualization System Lab Exploitation Plan

Click here to download the Lab Exploitation Plan P14-Exploitation-Plan-for-PBL-of-Tribhuvan

The operation and maintenance of this lab is performedby the Centre for Energy Studies. The Centre for Energy Studieswill coordinate with the Dean’s Office and campuses of the Institute of Engineering for the year roundoperation of the facilities. Required support staff will be provided by the university. Supporting facilities exist on the university premises. The scheduling of the laboratory facilitywill be managed by the Tribhuvan University departmentsand the laboratory coordinator. The maintenance of hardware and software will be carried out in cooperation with the campus maintenance unit. Maintenance of the website willbe assigned to a web developer and administrators.The operation and maintenance budget of the facilities will be allocatedfrom internal resource generation and it will be included in annual budget of the Centre for Energy Studies.





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