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Center for Energy Studies (CES) was established on January 21, 1999 (7 Magh 2055) under the umbrella of Institute of Engineering (IOE), Tribhuvan University (TU). Institute of Engineering, which is the only one government supported higher education center of Engineering, came into being in 1972. This institute emphasizes for the production of qualified technicians, engineers, and higher-level experts in different disciplines of engineering. The institute has great responsibilities in the development works of the nation.

CES directly links to the trained, highly qualified manpower in various faculties of engineering and energy fields. Besides this, it helps integrate the national level eminent energy experts in one place to work together. On the other hand, there are many foreign eminent renewable energy experts, who are impressed from the active visions of CES. They are also eager to support CES with their contributions. CES can play the role of a bridge between the national and international organizations involved in energy sector.

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