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Reserch And Developments

To promote and develop Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs), research is one of the main tools. As elucidated below, CES has conducted several research programs in the field of energy. Such researches are expected to continue in future too, for the development of RET.


S/N Research Work Date Financial Support
1 Renewable Energy Perspective Plan of Nepal, 2000-2020, An Approach (REPPON) Jul-99 AEPC
2 Trend of Temperature Variation in Kathmandu Valley (1923-1999) May-00 CES
3 Design, Construction and Field Testing of Low Cost Lighting System in Rural Nepal (WLED) Mar-00 REDP/UNDP
4 A research work on “Solar Mapping in two districts in Nepal (10 different places) Jun-00 AEPC/HMG/N
5 Feasibly study of Geothermal Energy Application in Nepal June, 2001 AEPC/MOST/N
6 Efficiency Measurement of Nepalese Biogas, Kerosene Stove and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Stoves Jul-01 BSP
7 Typical Gas Production per Kg of Dung    
8 Efficiency Measurement of Biogas Stoves    
9 Energy Efficiency and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)    
10 Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment in Nepal (SWERA Project)    
11 Hydrogen Gas Production from Surplus Hydro Power and its Utilization in Vehicles in Nepal    
12 Green House Gas Reduction from Practical Action Implemented MHPs and Wind Energy Projects in Nepal Apr-04
13 Techno – Socio – Economic Assessment and Feasibility Survey of Installation of Institutional Biogas Plants in Nepal.   CES
14 Assessment of Alternative Energy Supply Options in the Urban Residential Sector during the Load Shedding Hours May-04 CES
15 A Study on Gasifier Based Drying of Large Cardamom: A Case Study of Ilam District (Thesis)    
16 Establishment of Wind Power Pilot Projects in Two Sites


17 Techno – Socio – Economic Studies on Installed Puxin Model Bio-digesters    
18 Capacity Gap Identification of Solar PV Companies for Dissemination of SHS and SSHS    
19 Demonstration of Energy Generation through Waste 22 August 2007 CES
20 Assessment of Methane Escape from Biogas Plants


23 March 2007 CES
21 Preparation of Guidelines for Recommendation and Monitoring of VAT/TAX Exemption in RET’s


March, 2012 / Chaitra, 2068 CES
22 Detail Design with Cost Estimation of Solar Systems to be installed at Prime Minister’s Residence


May, 2012 / Chaitra, 2068
23 The Feasibility study of Photovoltaic Mini Grid in Ramite Khola, Morang


March, 2012 / Asadh, 2069
24 The Feasibility study of Photovoltaic Mini Grid in Awalching, Surkhet


March, 2012 / Asadh, 2069
25 Study of Potential of Solar Water Heater System and Formulation of Solar Water Heater Industry Database in Nepal


July, 2012 / Asadh, 2069
26 A Study and Detail Design of Low Head Water Turbine for Free Flowing Streams suitable for Micro Hydro Plants in Terai Region of Nepal


July, 2012 / Asadh, 2069
27 Demand Side Management of Energy Consumption of Industrial Sector in Nepal


March, 2012 / Asadh, 2069
28 Field Monitoring on Metallic Improved Cook Stove in different districts: Dolakha, Ramechhap, Rasuwa, Nuwakot, Dhading, Lamjung, Kaski, Syangja, Mustang and Myagdi districts


August, 2012 / Bhadra, 2069
29 Study on Role of Renewable Energy Technologies in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Options in Nepal


September, 2013
30 Study on Curriculum Development for Higher Level Education in Climate Change and Development


December, 2013

The carnegie commission on higher too education also classifies shsu as a community engaged university.




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