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Post-graduate Diploma and Master of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering

The Association Liaison Office for University Cooperation in Development called a proposal for promotion of Higher Education Partnerships for Global Development. Center for Energy Studies, Institute of Engineering jointly with University of Colorado at Boulder, USA got the contract from ALO and USAID in order to develop and implement curricula of Post-graduate Diploma and M. Sc. in Renewable Energy Engineering, which will be conducting in Pulchowk Campus from September 2001.

Nepalese experts will prepare draft of syllabus for post graduate diploma (1 year course) and master level course (2 year) in renewable energy engineering (REE). One or two expert from UCB will come to Nepal with their own version of syllabuses on PGREE and MSREE and stay in Nepal for about two weeks. Both teams will finalise the outline of the syllabus. Both teams will start to prepare details of working curriculum (lesson planning). One expert from UCB will come to Nepal and discuses with Nepalese team and finalise the curriculum. The money left after tarvel expenses of three three experts from UCB will be used as remuneration for experts from UCB and Nepal.

As soon as details of curriculum is available, RET experiments under each module will be identified and equipment needed will be determined. (Separate funding will be sought for purchasing equipment). One expert from Nepal will go to UCB for finalising RET experts and stay there for about two weeks.

The curriculum prepared will be distributed to some US universities for their comments and recognition.

PGREE or MSREE or both courses will start from September 2001. The first semester will have general courses and will be handled by Nepalese faculty. From the second semester, two experts from UCB will come to Nepal and stay for about 15 weeks. They will be teaching the relevant courses.

Relevant applied research work will be identified in consultation with UCB experts and will be started involving both Nepalese and UCB students (through student exchange program) in the second half of phase II.

Some key officials of TU/IOE/CES will visit UCB and other US universities in order to get acquainted with recent development in RETs area.


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