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Center for Energy Studies (CES) was established on 21 January 1999 as a result of strong recommendation of the International Conference on " Role of Renewable Energy Technologies for Rural Development (RETRUD 98)" in which over 200 experts and professionals had participated from around the world. The National Planning Commission in it's Ninth Plan document also recommended the need of an institution for the development of human resources in the field of renewable energy technologies. Establishment of CES is a step forward to materialize the government's plan for the benefits of the country. In this backdrop, the main objective of the Center is to enhance promotion and development of Renewable Energy Technologies through Study, Research, Human Resource Development at various levels, and disseminate, information for the sustainable development. The specific objectives of the Center are:

• To provide a meaningful contribution towards the promotion, development and improvement of the standard and quality of lower, middle and higher engineering education in the field of energy;
• To provide sustainable support for the integration of higher engineering education with its energy related research activities;
• To assist in building the national capability in different aspects of the energy sector;
• To increase the capability of technical and managerial personnel involved in the energy sector and assist in its effective utilization and mobilization;
• To conduct relevant training programmes in required field relating to the energy sector;
• To assist HMG’s energy sector’s development programme and contribute meaningfully to the attainment of the basic objectives of the Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) of the The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST);
• To establish relations with foreign Universities and other related institutions for achieving the objectives of the center;
• To provide consultancy services related to energy matters.
• To carry out research and development studies related to energy matters; and
• To construct a ZERO ENERGY HOUSE as a CES building at the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal

CES has strong relations with other Universities / Institutions abroad, International / National Non-Governmental Organizations, Government and Private Agencies, Energy Entrepreneurs and Professionals and this opportunity is being used to bring all the stakeholders together from academic research to field level activities for the sustainable development of Renewable Energy Technologies. In this regard, CES as an institution under the Institute of Engineering, appeals all concerned organizations and individuals to work together in the educational field to achieve common goal for the benefits of the people of this country.




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