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Since the beginning, energy has been the basic need of humanity. Human life can hardly subsist without the use of energy. From flora and fauna to environment, from agriculture to industry and from transportation to communication, every activity on earth depends on energy. The global energy need is increasing rapidly with the expansion of population and industrialization, while the conventional sources of energy are depleting at an alarming rate. Moreover, the recent environmental issues have put forward a question mark on the use of these conventional sources. Issues related to energy conservation measures, global warming and climatic change are becoming hot topics of discussion, hence, there is a demand for an alternate energy source which is abundant, renewable and environmentally clean. In this regard, National Planning Commission (NPC)/Government of Nepal convey the following in connection to the application of renewable energy: "The Objective of the alternative energies sub-sector will be to develop a rural energy system which is directed towards poverty alleviation and oriented to rural development; to gradually substitute the use of traditional energy sources by modem and affordable energy, keeping in mind the impact of such energy use on the environment; the dependency on external sources by developing,…

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The Centre for Energy Studies (CES) is an academic research institution of the Tribhuvan University at Institute of Engineering. It conducts both technical and policy research and has a part to play, both in the development of sustainable technologies and energy innovations. CES conducts basic researches, application studies and large research projects in the fields of the renewable energy dynamics…

Prof. Dr. Tri Ratna Bajracharya, Ph.D

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