Energy management is the strategic evaluation of energy use with concern of planning for energy efficiency. It may involve the energy usage of machinery, equipment, buildings, other physical structures, or processes. It deals with planning new projects and improving existing ones. An energy manager evaluates energy use and designs energy programs that increase efficiency and reduce energy-related costs.

This course aims to integrate energy efficiency into management practices to increase awareness of energy use, reinforce good energy management behaviors, and prioritize implementing the new energy-efficient technologies in their existing system. It is 45 contact hours course within 15 days in which it consist of 8 days intensive theoretical interaction, 3 days energy equipment’s detail study, practice and physical use in lab, 4 days actual implement in their own industries or infrastructure with data analysis and report generation followed by the final examination. 

The theoretical course is conducted in the virtual online platform and 7 days of intensive practical class and field work will be conducted in physical presence conducted to the engineering professionals from public, private, financing institutions, energy service provider, etc.