Technical and Financially Feasible Long-term Vision and Long-Term Strategy for Net Zero Emission for Nepal.

Nepal has recently submitted its 2020 NDC with the quantified mitigation targets along with the supporting policies for reduction of GHG emissions. In solidarity with the global efforts to mitigate GHG emission, the country has initiated to develop Long Term Net Zero Emission Strategy to be communicated to UNFCCC. In line with this, Center for Energy Studies, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan university was entrusted by UNDP and GoN with the task of developing technical and financially feasible Long-term Vision and Long-Term Strategy (LTS) for Net Zero Emission for Nepal. The current status and forecast of the GHG emissions had been derived by developing national GHG analysis model using Low Emissions Analysis Platform (LEAP) modelling framework. The scenario-based approach helps to develop better strategies by overcoming such biases and coming up with multiple options. The marginal abatement cost (MAC) was estimated for analyzing the cost and mitigation potential of different policy intervention measures.

Actual Services Conducted:

  • Global, regional and national outlook
  • Current inventory of GHG emissions in Nepal
  • Reference scenario analysis (2019-2050) using LEAP modelling tool
  • Mitigation scenarios analysis
  • Comparison of With existing measures (WEM) and with additional measures (WAM) scenarios in energy sector
  • Investment analysis

Development of NDC implementation plan

Provide technical support in designing and developing the NDC implementation plan for Nepal to support. An implementation plan for the NDC (in alignment with Nepal’s NDC partnership engagement and the online NDC partnership plan tool will outline a clear strategy and mechanism for stakeholder engagement. The mechanism will ensure guidance and facilitate an approach for sector ministries to prioritize NDC commitments in their sectoral implementation plan targets. Based on the process adopted by other LDC countries to implement and monitor NDC’s progress, the strong mechanism will be established to deliver on the cross-cutting components of the implementation lant of Nepal – (a) governance, (b) mitigation (c) finance (d) gender equality and social inclusion (e)MRV/Transparency.